Democracy produces policy

(it is not policy itself)

We are deeply interested in cultivating a platform that is rooted in ethics and a moral compass. Here are some of the major points we receive advice about and integrate into the platform:


Trust & Privacy:

Creating a reliable environment that promotes authentic engagement.

The content, entities or claims are verified for authenticity to promote inclusivity.

The product or service is trustworthy in the eyes of the user.

The company’s stance or principles are accessible to the public.



Cultivating a civic environment that improves the health of the individuals and community.

Developing technology that focuses on user-centric goals and aspirations.

Providing motivation and direction for taking action on community issues.

Significantly improving the wellbeing of communities by advocating resources for health and prosperity.



Creating an ethically responsible environment that builds conscious productivity regardless of affiliation.

User accountability through positive reinforcement of good citizenship, and reliable resources.

Political transparency through conscious communication and visibility driven by community members and not political agendas.

Inclusive stakeholder governance.

Non-Partisan Issues

Any use of right/left/republican/democratic/they verbiage will result in warning and eventually ban from the platform

Real News Only

We promote and encourage local journalism. Eventually, we will empower citizens to produce news about local situations

No Big Lobby Groups

We mitigate lobby groups by always giving both sides of an argument equal representation

Content Moderation

Our commitment to content that is civil is based in the team and community that is behind this platform