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Catherine Mahanpour

By Marcela Denniston |

On November 3, 2015 Catherine Mahanpour was elected to serve a four-year…

Foster City

By Marcela Denniston |

Foster City is a master planned community, meaning that there is a…

Improving social and emotional engagement during distance learning

By Marcela Denniston |

Many children are having difficult times adapting to the distance learning model,…

Diane Papan

By Marcela Denniston |

First Term: Expires 12/2020* Took Office: 2015 Served as Mayor: 2019 Served…

Amourence Lee

By Marcela Denniston |

Appointed Term: Expires 12/2020 Took Office: 2019 Email: Phone: (650) 522-7522…

Rick Bonilla

By Marcela Denniston |

First Term: Expires 12/2022* Took Office: 2015 Served as Mayor: 2018 Served…

Eric Rodriguez

By Marcela Denniston |

First Term: Expires in 2022* Took Office: 2017 Serving as Deputy Mayor:…

Joe Goethals

By Marcela Denniston |

Second Term: Expires 12/2022* Took Office: 2013 Serving as Mayor: 2020 Email:…

San Mateo

By Marcela Denniston |

El Cerrito

By |

El Cerrito is a city in Contra Costa County, California, United States,…